Saturday, 7 March 2020

What a pleasure to meet @vasundhara_talware ,She didn’t play the game, she changed the game! She stayed true to herself and never compromised her integrity. Her success was built on HER own terms. 7 years ago, she had no idea what self love was and most shockingly how little she loved herself. She was fit, she was spiritual, she was eating right, doing the right things, thinking the right things (thanks to her parents), saying maybe not the right things all the time but pretty much with the right intentions, and always wearing my heart on her sleeve, offering herself with purity and love to one and all. BAM! Her world fell apart. And the only person who should be loving her, she discovered, did not love her! WHATTTT?!!! That person was She herself! She didn't have her back. She didn't listen to herself. She didn't respect herself, she didn't love herself. Her eyes moisten as she remember how badly she treated herself to please others. She did. She distanced from all those people and activities who/that didn't pour in her empty glass. And instead, poured into Her empty glass Herself . It's been an enriching life and is constantly evolving for the better. So blessed to have her own back and of course, by being the universe's favorite, every experience (good, bad or ugly) is a joy ride. Let me tell you a secret. You become the universe's favorite by becoming your own favorite. Own yourself. Own your flaws. Own your idiosyncrasies. Own your pimples, your flab abs and flat boobs, your rounds and sags, your dark circles and cellulite, your past and the present, your circumstamces and the opportunities, your stories and reality. OWN YOU! HAPPY Women's DAY EVERYDAY. LOVE YOURSELF BEFORE YOU SHOWER IT ON ANYONE ELSE. If no one told you today, i love you! #yogini #yogaeverydamnmoment #lifecoach@entrepreneurexcel