Sunday, 15 March 2020

Spiritually so evolve !! For me my younger brother ! Mentor for many but never liked to take credit !! In the world where people take Credits for others world this young man never even takes credit for his own ideas, one of strong pillar of our community @join2manish Bhai I know you have read Bhagwat Geeta more than 100 times but love the way you have implemented in your life !! Love the way you influencer us !Can't wait to meet you !! Life story human experience doesn't fail to deliver pain in your life. I haven't found a way to escape this entirely, but I have found a solution. When I met Manish Pandey before 7 years I'm going to share with you what I learnt from him .. how you can shift any pain in your life big or small. I mean, it was so bad that he was a trigger pull away from ending his life. Have you ever had one of those moments? You can say I found the answer at that moment… Whenever you experience dissonance with your internal state, there is an imbalance that causes suffering. 🌱When that happens, there's either wounds or conditioning with the mother. We were all brought into the world through our mothers and into her arms. (Well most of us and I'm deeply sorry if you didn't get to experience this from the beginning.) What this means is that more profound healing is asking for your love. You must peel back the layers and layers of wounds and the dozens of stories you've packed on top of the core wound. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to BE with something you need to DO something. 🛠️When that happens, there's either wounds or conditioning with the father. Just as you peeled back the layers of the more profound wounding, you need to bring clarity to what you desire most. Your ability to MANIFEST comes from your alignment to BE from healing. So proud of you Champion ❤️check this Life story