Saturday, 21 March 2020

Life is a mirror. Taking a look, not just at what is seen, but what is thought and felt, then reflecting, it's tough. People usually consider outside conditions the foundation for problems. We try, in vain, to change the world surrounding us. We hope things will improve. We wait. This won't result in change, however, because our thoughts are out of alignment with our actions. When we don't create space to examine fundamental thoughts, those thoughts become habitual. And as creatures of habit, these thoughts are bound to show up in your reality sooner or later. For those of you in this space, on auto-pilot with no bearing of your whereabouts, I have questions: - What do you do when the reflection of your life isn't what you'd like to see? - When you don't like the stories your mirror image has to tell? - Do you choose to see the old, deterring beliefs keeping these stories true in your mind? Are you ready then, to shine a light on your unconscious mind? To listen to the feedback Life offers you on the congruency of your thoughts, so you can take action and change them? Going deep, doing the work of self-reflection, this can be a triggering process to face. You will not always like what you see. And yet, un-seeing isn't really an option, and even where it's attempted, only more pain follows. Much more powerful to face it, and take a deeper look, yes?? This opens the door, giving you space to asking yourself the deeper more aligned questions for the sake of helping your reflection to become one you truly Love exploring. Reflection helps us see how to connect the dots between your thoughts and choices, so you can more alignment to the life and finally see what you want reflecting back at you. You create a remarkable life when you take consistent action despite fears and doubts. If you need help with your becoming please PM