Monday, 10 February 2020

Why I meditate every day? What are the benefits and how can it transfer to your business? Mediation is such an important part of my day and my daily routine, when I wake up in the morning it is the first thing I do. If I don't meditate I FEEL it during the day and may day and how I react to things isn't the same. While for some mediation can seem like a waste of time, it is actually one of the practices of many successful Entrepreneurs, business owners and other successful people. But what does it actually do for you? ✅✅✅ Reduces Stress - Many business are high stress, go, go environment and anxiety. It allows a calm mind and decision making. ✅✅✅ Amplifies self awareness - The more you get to know yourself the more you are aware of your thoughts. This mean you can steer you thoughts to more positive outcomes and be your best self. ✅✅✅ Your attention span grows ✅✅✅ improves your memory ✅✅✅ helps with sleep These transform not only myself but my business. It's a chance to calm my mind from a busy day, or to start my day in the right direction. It has transformed my business, how I react, or don't react to situations. In business you can never control every outcome, you can't control your staff, or your clients. But you can control how you react, or don't react to these situations and you can control how you see the situation, meditation is a key to harnessing this. Sometimes for me meditating is also taking time for me, take Ollie for a walk and listening to my favourite podcast. It's your meditation and you make your own rules. Do you meditate daily?? How? In any case, Ticket can be purchased here : Coupon Code : NAMRATA with INR 5000 off on the ticket. This is the website with complete details : Join me on 15 th n 16 th feb