Sunday, 2 February 2020

Synchronicity *The simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.* Have you ever done something, thought the same thought, or even bought the same item at the same time someone else you know has, however, you’re not even in the same location? But we meet for talk 😛🧐🥺 You may be talking to this person at a later date and catching up on life when you start discussing things that you’ve been doing. All of a sudden the topic comes up where he or she says, “wait a minute” did that too? I did that same exact thing! What are the chances? Why do these things happen? Of course there are people out there with the same tastes, ways of thinking or similar lifestyles. Just think about having this connection with someone you’re already close with. You clearly live completely different lifestyles, and the way you raise your children, practice religion or faith may not even be similar. You may even be years apart in age, but something is always connected through the energy of the universe to make synchronized moments happen that are mind blowing. This may occur so much throughout your life with this one particular person that it becomes a topic of conversation and wonder as to how this could be so consistent, year after year....all the time. You can chalk it up to coincidence if you want, but when something like this is continuously happening, it makes you wonder what the story is behind it all. This leads me to an example in my own life experiencing synchronicity. and I have been doing this for years. I know that there’s a connection that twins have. If one feels a certain emotion then the other one can feel it. Or sometimes they can even possess the same talents. Does that carry some significance?? any important relevance in our thought patterns? It’s a possibility that there’s some truth behind these traits we carry. We have not gone out shopping and buy the same clothes for us It wasn’t until we’d show up at a Talk show out of the car wearing the SAME exact clothes. I mean you couldn’t do that even if you planned it! Any every one couldn't belive it was not planned😝🤣😂