Saturday, 8 February 2020

I’ve put this body through some major shit in this life. So much negativity and hatred. Filling it with toxic intentions and poisoning it with darkness. I actively pushed it to the brink of catastrophic failure. Then blamed it for my pain and threatened it with harm if it didn’t do as I say. I waged war on it and tried to crush it into submission. I hired someone to cut it open and sew my stomach shut to try and bend it to my will. Then I ate so much the stitches exploded. After a decade when I thought I lost enough weight I hated the saggy curtain of skin that was left. I wanted to hire someone else to cut it all off and throw it away. Never enough. Transformation is not a pleasant business. It’s messy and painful. And just like anything it comes with a price. Whether you’re willing to pay that price is only for you to decide. I thought the journey was physical, then I realised it was mental, then I was convinced that it was emotional. Now I understand that it was spiritual. It has simply been a journey back to Self. Stripping back and shedding the layers and layers of gunk that has built up over the years. I thought I had done it alone, but now I know I had help. I can’t describe the feeling of peace I feel knowing that I’m supported every step along the way. I believe you have been called to greatness. All you have to do is pick up the phone. Some people won’t get this, but if you do then you are my people. Much love on this rainy Sunday.